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                                                ***** Update *****

Our new station is almost up completely! I am still putting on the finishing touches & getting familiar with the new software and the operation of it. You can check it out at the link below. Meanwhile we will also be on our current site for a bit longer. I hope you will follow us and help us spread the word. Thanks So Much!!❤️❤️ - Joshua Thompson - SFR


Starflight Radio The Mix Will Be Moving To A New Host Provider In November. We Will Continue As Usual At Our Current Site Until We Fully Transition To Our New Hosting Home. Please Follow Our Status Here. On Facebook & Twitter For Link & Update information.                                                


Thanks So Very Much To All Of Our Loyal Listeners!  So Be Sure To Follow Us Through This Transition. I Will Be Posting Updates In The Coming Days. Thanks For Listening To Starflight Radio The Mix. The Process Is Well Under Way I Hope To Be Changed Over Completely Soon! - Josh

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